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Denise Little


Kristine Kathryn Rusch
aka Kristine Grayson

Kristine Grayson: The Charming Way
Kristine Kathryn Rusch:
Debbie Mumford: Reality Bites
Jean Rabe:
Merry Maid
Stephanie Writt:
Before She Left
& After She Returned

Dayle A. Dermatis: The Best Catch
Kate Pavelle
: The River Pearl
Laura Ware
: To Live a Life
Petronella Glover
: A Sight for Sore Eyes

Laura Resnick: Galatea: A Modern Myth
(Part 3)

C.S. DeAvilla

Denise Little:
Electronic Publishing:
A Brave New World
Julie Pitzel: Tell, Don't Show


by Denise Little

Welcome to the newest issue of Heart’s Kiss! It’s getting a bit more usual to me, the work of putting a magazine together, though I still feel a bit like an amateur at it. I wonder if it’ll ever feel routine to me. I doubt it. No matter how many years I was an editor for long form fiction, I was always excited by reading a new story, or finding a new author or genre that rang my bells. Now I get to find those new discoveries in short from and share them with you, our readers.

And we have much to share with you in this installment. I’ve found writers who are jumping into short romance fiction with a vengeance. I’ve found whole new frontiers in fiction beyond regular publishers—some of whom give writers a step up, some of whom cost writers an arm and a leg, and some of whom should be avoided at all costs. The old warning of “Writer, Beware!” is even more true in the brave new world of electronic publishing. And we’ve got a lot of new romance coming out to look forward to.

Spring is fighting to hang on in the face of summer outside my window, and apparently April showers are going to give May flowers a run for the money. I just read the new Patricia Briggs novel and the new Debbie Macomber book. (She’s also got a new coloring book! I’m not kidding.) Romance is alive and well and waiting for us.

Let’s dive in.

Happy reading!


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