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Denise Little


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Shaming and How to Deal With It



by Denise Little


I’m in shock as I sit down to write this introduction. It’s hard to believe that the year is more than half gone. I was stashing the decorations for July 4th in the attic yesterday, and I ended up being cascaded in the Halloween stuff, as if it were ready to come down and take over. And if Halloween is pushing to take over, it isn’t long until Christmas is nagging at me, too. When people say time is fleeting, they aren’t joking. I can almost feel a verse from the Time Warp song in The Rocky Horror Picture Show break out. (If you’ve never seen the movie, immediately find a copy and watch it. It will become part of the internal soundtrack of your life, too.)

My whole life is like my attic, an endless pile of “next things” waiting for my attention, lined up one behind the other, some more insistently demanding my time and energy than others. Luckily, I read for pleasure. When I get an hour, or even a precious few minutes, I can grab a book and let the story take me away to wherever it wants to go. It makes a world of difference to my mental state.

I’ve got a lot of favorites to choose from in the next few months.

Jeaniene Frost has got a new release in her long-awaited Broken Destiny series. The Sweetest Burn (9780373789412), the second in the series, brings back Adrian and Ivy, and pits them against each other as they fight to save the earth from the demon realms. Ivy has taken over the supernatural world, but nothing is ever as easy as it looks, and she may have to seek help from Adrian to secure the hallowed weapon that can rebuild the crumbling walls that separates earth and the lower realms. Meanwhile, Adrian has vowed to win Ivy’s heart, even if he has to brave all the fires of hell to do it. The last book in the series, The Beautiful Ashes, was a fabulous read, and I can’t wait to wade in and read the next installment. And if you love these (I know you will), the third book in the trilogy, The Brightest Embers, is coming in November.

Maisey Yates has another book in her Copper Ridge series, and it is her usual impeccable read. Cain Donnelly has returned home to Copper Ridge, Oregon, and come back to the family ranch with his daughter, Violet, because he’s run out of other options. He once swore he was leaving for good, and he is determined to make it again on his own, even if his wife has left him and his life is in ashes around him. Beneath Cain’s prickly exterior, baker Allison Davis sees a good man she could learn to love. But not at the risk of hurting Violet, whom she loves, too. Down Home Cowboy (9780373801992) is a fast and furious read with a heart of gold.

In Branded as Trouble (9780373802289) Delores Fossen shares the story of a man who was wild in his youth, now coping with a son who seems determined to repeat every one of his father’s mistakes, and then some…. So Roman Granger does the only thing he can think of. He drags his teenaged son Tate back to the town that he grew up in, Wrangler’s Creek, in the hope that he can find for his son the solution that eluded him back in the day. Mila Banchini had a crush on Roman back in high school—and it appears that those flames are ready to flare up again. Will history repeat itself? Or is Wrangler’s Creek the best thing that could happen to them all?

There’s something about a military man, and Tawny Weber’s Call to Engage (9780373801961) explores that special something. SEAL Lieutenant Elijah Prescott is fresh off a mission that went disastrously wrong. Now he is on a personal mission to find and hook up with his ex, Ava Monroe, who might just be the only route to salvation. But when the backsplash from his job threatens to swamp them both, Elijah is determined to save the woman he loves at any cost.

Any Dream Will Do, by Debbie Macomber (9781524797256, signed edition), brings her trademark charm to the story of a pastor who lost his wife, and a parishioner who lost her trust. When Shay Benson wanders into a church to escape the cold, she’s got secrets in her past she’s determined to leave behind. Pastor Drew Douglas helps her get back on her feet, and together they find a tentative relationship that calls to both of them, if only they can survive the scars of the past as they came back to haunt them.

Mary Balogh has a new Regency to love—Someone to Wed (9780399586064). When impoverished Earl Alexander Westcott comes into the title, he knows he must look for a fortune in his marriage if the people who depend on him are to survive. But when reclusive and wealthy Wren Hayden offers him exactly the bargain he hoped to find, he demands a proper courtship. Can they both find love in what began as a matter of business?

In Gentlemen Prefer Heiresses (9780062681249), Lorraine Heath follows the exploits of the second son of the Duke of Greystone, Lord Andrew Mabry. As a younger son, he’s free from the dynastic obligations of his older brother. He can have fun. But of late all his attention is caught by the beautiful American heiress Gina Hammersley. It’s a pity he doesn’t want marriage, even if she’d be a delightful bride…. Until they are both caught up in compromising situation, when suddenly they have to choose. Will it be their hearts or their heads that lead them?

Mary Jo Putney gives us a new rogue to love in Once a Rebel (9781496703521). Lord George Gordon Audley had been a childhood friend of Callista Brooke, until the disaster that nearly ruined both their lives. They’d parted, sure that they would never see each other again. But in a new world, as Washington burns, they find each other in a violent crowd that nearly takes Callie’s life. Can they rebuild a life together from the ruins of their past? And as they once more face the aristocratic society that tore them apart, can they find the seeds of a glorious future?

I’m looking forward to reading all of these treats this summer, no matter what it brings me. And I know I’ll be happier for it. I wish you, too, happy reading!


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